Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Connect the headset to your device

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Connect the headset to your device
When you switch your headset on, it automatically connects to the last device it was

used with. If the headset can't find that device, it tries the next device on its list of

paired devices.

If your phone does not support the A2DP profile for listening to music, you can

separately pair the headset with a music player that supports this profile.

The paired devices list on your headset can contain up to 8 devices. You can connect

the headset to 2 compatible devices at the same time: one (usually a phone) that

supports HFP, and another (usually a music player) that supports A2DP.

Connect the headset to the last used device manually
If no other device is connected, press to connect to the last used HFP device, or

to connect to the last used A2DP device. The headset beeps once.

Switch between devices to change the music source
If your headset is connected to a device that supports HFP and A2DP, to switch to

another paired device that supports A2DP, press and hold .
Many phones support both HFP and A2DP.